Kurt-34I have a lifetime of experience in commercial and residential real estate. I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast where my father maintained a portfolio of commercial real estate and owned and operated a custom home building company. I started working for my father at a very young age. I attribute many of my business skills to what I learned from my father in my formative years.

I worked for my father’s homebuilding business throughout high school and college. I ran miscellaneous items and messages to job sites, familiarized myself with various trades, helped new customers review house plans and developed marketing materials for the family business. My older brother and I also maintained my father’s rental properties.

In college, I studied demographics, location analysis, economics and regional geography. I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Planning in 1996.

I served as Assistant Director of Economic Development for the City of San Marcos during my first year out of college. I maintained relationships with community leaders and investors. I kept statistics on population growth, traffic counts and development growth.

After a year in Economic Development, I sought opportunities in the private sector. I worked as an interim draw inspector for banks providing residential construction loans to home builders. I monitored the progress of homes in every stage of construction. I developed a simplified database for a more thorough, organized and quicker process.

At the same time, I provided material estimations for custom home builders. The average home I reviewed was over four thousand square feet in size. The largest was fourteen thousand square feet. In this role, I developed a working knowledge of pitches, spans, framing designs and more.

After building momentum in these two consulting businesses, I began to rehab residential properties. My first project was a condominium unit in such poor condition that it needed to be gutted. I was careful in my approach of putting it back together, choosing quality finishes while maintaining a strict budget. Other personal projects include single family homes, a duplex and raw land.

After advising a friend who was using a real estate agent with little knowledge of construction about whether to make an offer on a house, I realized that I should get my real estate license. I worked as a licensed real estate agent with Kellas & Associates Realtors and Champions Real Estate Group from 2006 to 2013. I became an independent Texas Real Estate Broker in 2013.

In my role as a real estate licensee, I have bought and sold homes for numerous clients. I worked closely with attorneys in the purchase and leasing of large land tracts and other commercial real estate. I helped a client convert a home on East Sixth Street in Austin into a restaurant. To hear more about the experience of working with me as your agent, click here for referrals.


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