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Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services

I offer brokerage services in the leasing, purchase and sale of commercial and residential property in the Austin-San Antonio Corridor.  I hold the interests of my clients in the highest regard and care. Satisfied clients view me in the role of a knowledgable facilitator who helps them achieve their wants and needs.

Does Your Agent Have Construction Experience?

I have had several friends who felt obligated to use a family member or best friend new to real estate in order to help them get started.  The inexperienced agent showed the property, pointed out nothing substantial, wrote up the contract, hired an inspector then discovered that the home was unsound.  In one case, the rookie agent failed to hold the appraisal until the end of the option period.  My friend had to pay an option fee, an inspection fee and an appraisal fee before she discovered that the home was not a good value.  Many of these mistakes can be prevented by using a seasoned agent with construction and real estate investment experience, such as myself.

Buying a Home

The first step in buying a home is securing financing.  Whether working with cash or purchasing a home with a mortgage, it is most important to know your budget before beginning your search. I will put you in touch with professionals in the mortgage industry should you need pre-qualification for financing.

With a clear understanding of your budget, I will discuss with you your wants and needs in a new home.  I will assist you in expanding and adjusting the scope of your search as necessary.

I will create an automatic notification to be sent to you when listings within your parameters come available on the multiple listing service.  When you see a property you like, I will walk the property with you and point out potential issues that I notice and attributes that I see as positive.

I believe that it is very important to have an agent with construction experience walk the property with you.  While I do not claim to analyze a property to the depth of a licensed inspector, I do notice details that are often missed by most agents.  This knowledge can save you time and money by avoiding problem properties before putting them under contract.

After finding a property suitable for your wants and needs, I will contact the listing agent for more information then draw up a contract based on your instructions.  I understand that I am your agent; I will not convey any information about the offer without your specific instructions to do so.

I will encourage you to pay for an option period and to hire a diligent and thorough inspector to investigate the property for any potential issues.  I will contact your mortgage broker and have them hold the appraisal until the end of the option period.  If contractors need to be called out to make estimates based on the inspection report, I will help you organize that before the end of the option period.

In the option period, I will help you determine the next course of action which will most likely include renegotiating aspects of the original contract.  Should you choose to continue with the purchase, I will maintain communication with the title company and mortgage broker to ensure a timely close.  Prior to closing, I will walk the property with you once more to ensure that all fixtures remain and no obvious damage has occurred since the home was inspected.

Selling a Home

I have a natural gift for marketing homes.  I will give you advice about staging your home appropriately.  Once the home has been staged, I will take clear photos of your home emphasizing its benefits.  Photos that buyers see online are the biggest selling assets.  Good photos lead to more showings which lead to more offers.  Categorizing a property correctly, emphasizing key assets of a lot or structure and appropriately locating a property within its neighborhood or a certain school district will lead to more showings and thus more offers.  I will diligently analyze your property.  I will market it with great photos and emphasize its best assets to bring you the highest possible value.  

I stand by the ethics and law of disclosing any known physical defects of a property.  It is the law and the right thing to do.  Any known physical defects that you disclose to me will be disclosed to any potential buyer.  I encourage you to write down all known physical defects of your property on the seller’s disclosure notice which I will provide for you.

When handling offers on your property, I will present you each one as it is received and help you understand the positives and negatives of each.  I will request detailed information about the buyer’s finances from the buyer’s agent.  I understand that I am your agent; I will not convey any information about the offer without your specific instructions to do so.

Once you have accepted an offer on your property, I will help you navigate any requests from the buyer during the option period.  Should the contract continue through the option period, I will maintain contact with the buyer’s agent and the title company to ensure a timely close.

Commercial Property and Ranches

The purchase, sale and leasing of commercial property, land and ranches require a unique process tailored to the individual property.  I will work closely with you to formulate a strategy based on your specific wants and needs.

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Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services